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Reflective Fabric: People's outdoor security guard

[ Click:99 ]    [ by Jasmine, CHINASTARS  Aug 28, 2017 ]

  Reflective fabric is generally sewn on high visibility warning clothing, in the night with its significant reflection effect; it plays the role of safety warning. High visibility warning clothing is widely used in all kinds of outdoor workers, in our country, there are many kinds of outdoor occupations, and the number of outdoor workers is huge.

  According to statistics, in 2009, there are 400 thousand fire workers, about 1 million 700 thousand police, 210 thousand cleaners, nearly 3 million coal mine workers, and a large number of road construction, road maintenance, oil workers, maritime operations, aviation ground, mining exploration and other outdoor workers. All these professional practitioners need to configure at least two sets of high visibility warning clothing. And high visibility warning clothing’s life is short (some countries in foreign countries for a one-time use); each year will produce a large number of professional high visibility warning clothing.

  With people's attention to the safety of the outdoors, reflective fabric and reflective tape will be more widely used in people's daily life. At present, foreign well-known sports companies first used reflective fabric in clothing, shoes and hats, bags, making clothing in the beautiful, practical basis, and increase the security function .At the same time, the use of reflective materials on the clothing, is the embodiment of fashion and high-end features, but also the international trend of fashion trends. For example, in NIKE, C&D, BDGYGUARD, CAMEL, ADIDAS, REEBOK and many other well-known international brands can see the presence of reflective material, DOUBLE STAR, LINING and other brands also appear reflective fabric.