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Pay more attention to the traffic safety in foggy day

[ Click:129 ]    [ by Jasmine, CHINASTARS  Sep 21, 2017 ]

  Recently, the weather is always foggy, the road visibility is low. And people will not wear the safety vest in usually time. To a large extent, it hinders driver's vision and influence driver's observation and judgment. The traffic accident happened because of fog obviously more than general one, so we need to pay more attention to the traffic safety in foggy day.

  We need to know the weather first before we get out, as far as possible to avoid getting out in foggy day. When in driving, we should pay attention to listen to the traffic radio and the electronic display along the road, to know the road traffic information and avoid causing traffic delays. When you are cycling, wear a reflective vest or a reflective tape can keep you visible and safer on the road.

  To control the vehicle speed strictly. Visibility is low in foggy day; the car must maintain sufficient safety distance from the front when driving. Turn on the car lights. When in foggy day, we had better open the front and rear fog lights, taillight, marker light, dipped headlight and the hazard warning light to increase visibility through the lights to warn other cars.

  The person who is walking or riding a bicycle must wear reflective vest or clothing with reflective tape to warn the past vehicles.

  Obey the police’s guidance, driving at a speed limit. In the case of traffic congestion, drivers should park the vehicles in turn and can not take up the emergency Lane.