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A unique reflective armband for Camels

[ Click:94 ]    [ by Mia, CHINASTARS  Oct 19, 2017 ]

  Saudi Arabia has around 1,500,000 camels and these camels a lot of times cross high streets causing dangerous accidents because every year thousands of people die of accidents because of camels passing especially at night. Therefore to increase the camel's high visibility become important! The reflective material will solve this problem.

  Now we have got many inquiries to ask us to design a reflective safety vest or reflective armband or reflective accessories for the camels, cock, horse etc as it could save thousands of lives by wearing it! Since these kinds animals are always outside. So our design team prefers to use the oxford fabric to make these kind reflective products in this way it will be waterproof and it is easy to clean up! But for the reflective accessories, sometimes they like to use the elastic one, so that it can adjust the size, such as the elastic reflective band! And they mainly use the elastic reflective band onto the ankle!

  The products' reflective effect is really good and they all speak highly of it. If you have the customized design or material for the reflective vest or other reflective accessories, please contact us, we can customize it for you too!