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KFC send a “Women's Day” gift to sanitation worker

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March 8th is “Women's Day”, an exclusive holiday belonging to women. In this beautiful holiday, women can decorate themselves to meet the coming of spring. This year sanitation workers Xia Wenlan living in Shanghai make up and wear a new uniform with reflective tape. She is going to finish a film accompanied by the perennial and stormy stucco workplace. The film is a gift from KFC. They were the most beautiful people in Women’s day.

Reporters learned KFC help the sanitation workers who wearing a reflective vest to solve a lot of problems. Like the sanitation workers rest in the work space on the roadside, and drink a hot water, eat a hot meal.

169 KFC in China have open convenience restaurant along the street. Creating “love relay stations" for sanitation workers. Sanitation workers wearing safety vest can get into the restaurant to eat meal and drink water.

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