How was your May Day?

[ Click:4867 ]    [ by Cindy, CHINASTARS  May 5, 2016 ]

Maybe you have missed those days, the crowded people, in Hangzhou, 50,000 people thronged the West lake district, just to see the West Lake musical fountain!

  May Day holiday, spring tourist season, fountain lake debut after renovation, three factors superimposed, resulting in people bursting out. In order to see the style after the upgrade and musical fountain, tourists and the public enthusiasm, early to rush to the three lakeside park. the three parks had already gathered more than 10,000 people have been waiting for it.

  At 19:00 clock, musical fountain spout as scheduled, but the surrounding plaza has gathered nearly 50,000 tourists, security risks increased sharply. To ensure safety, but also to meet everyone's watching mood, lake management that wear reflective vest in the crowed,they discharge again after a stop, and immediately broadcast propaganda and other measures to evacuate tourists.

  In order to protect ourself in the crowed night, we should wear a reflective clothing or take a high visibility reflective element that draw the attention of others when we are in trouble.

chinastars reflective vest


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