Guiyang community service patrol member put on safety vest

[ Click:2644 ]    [ by Wendy, CHINASTARS  Dec 30, 2015 ]

In recent days, the member of community service center of Guiyang city put on their new equipment - fluorescent green safety vest.
 "With reflective vests, when we patrol on the street at night feel more safety than before." One of the neighborhood patrol member Zhao Chunxiao said. Dec 5, the community service center send 100 safety vests to their neighborhood patrol members. It is reported that such a reflective vest is black bottom, inlaid with fluorescent green reflective tape front and rear vest printed with "Guiyang patrol" message.
    The obligation to wear reflective vests who patrol at night down the road even more conspicuous, so that passers at a glance that they are doing, but also to deter criminal behavior, while the reflective material on the vest also reminded avoid passing vehicles to patrol them more security.

safety vest


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