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New clothes for parking berth management

[ Click:349 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  Jan 4, 2017 ]

These two days, you will find a parking berth management wears special reflective fabric clothing when you are parking on the street parking space in hangzhou, and this clothes is becoming an important sign of parking berth management.

Xihu district parking Services Company ordered a number of special reflective vest, the vest front is printed "Xihu" and the back is printed "parking toll."

These special reflective vests will enhance the image of parking berth management, and also can make them catch the attention of people. The new design reflective vest have reflective tape on front and back, they are eye-catching at night or when the light is dark, and greatly enhance the safety factor of parking berth management.

The Shimin street parking berth management Mr.Sun gets a new reflective vest, hurriedly put on and said: this vest is good, it is thicker than the original one, and the logo is obvious. He said that they were informed the new reflective vests need to wear all day. Mr.Sun also said with a smile, the new reflective vest are "good-looking" than the original one.